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EquiCell Inc. is a rising industry leader in the Philippines for overall Health and Wellness that begins with nutrition.

In rethinking the strategy for identifying the underlying causes of medical disorders, it continually breaks new ground. With the help of its all-natural vitamins and medical advice, it promotes the body’s innate capacity to cleanse, regulate, and assimilate nutrients. The body’s ability to carry out its primary function and to achieve a balanced, sustainable state of health depends on nutrition at the cellular level.


Our goal is to give you the nutritious cellular goods, knowledge, and training support you require to help you comprehend how to approach your health by putting equal emphasis on preventive, protective, and root-cause remedies. With our top-level marketing program, which will give you the greatest advantage to a sustainable income, we also hope to grow this endeavor by offering business chances with comprehensive training to our devoted clients and associates.


High Quality Lab

With our own laboratory and research facility (Natural Nutrition Science Inc.), we are able to design formulations that address changing health and wellness needs without compromising the highest standards of quality in a proactive and ground-breaking manner. Additionally, we produce and manufacture high-quality supplements in-house in accordance with the most recent scientific advancements and in compliance with the strictest government laws.

Unmatched Expertise

All of our supplements are created and manufactured by our team of professionals at the NaNuSci Laboratory. Each Equicell product is made with a focus on cellular nourishment and natural support for the body's internal functions. Our marketing strategy is unparalleled in terms of income and was developed to accommodate the most recent and constantly evolving marketing trends, making it more resilient to support longevity.

Precise Result

We build a community of devoted clients and partners, which demonstrates our superior edge over the competition in terms of PRODUCTS and INCOME. We carry out righteous deeds and leave enduring impressions. Once someone commits to working with us, they only ever achieve positive outcomes. Non-negotiable INTEGRITY is delivered by EQUICELL.

Skilled Staff

We only work with experts in the domains of cell biology, cell nutrition, cellular biochemistry, and cancer when it comes to product development and formulation. The CORE of our life is provided by this group of specialists. We only employ the most creative IT, graphics, and programming specialists, as well as proactive general managers, marketing strategists, and analysts. These people and organizations give our existence its FUEL. We act morally as a team.


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