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How Sante Helped me and Changed my lifestyle?
Way back in 2010-2015 I was diagnosed with Nodular Thyroid, Calcified Aorta, and Breast Cyst ( left side.)This happened when I was an OFW in Thailand due to stress, wrong diet, and more.When I found out I had those diseases, I regularly consulted a doctor, took the medicines and other food supplements specially for my goiter. Kasi visible ito kaya dito ako naka focus.
Once may sakit po tayo, kung ano mang offer sa atin igagrab natin kaagad. Hoping na matulungan ang ating karamdaman but sad to say for more than 3-4 years sa pag take ng iba’t ibang klaseng food supplement/gamot, nothing happened.
Sometime, in November 2015, I hardly breathed, I could not sleep well, my heart beat so fast, hard to swallow my food. I was thinking that was the end of my life.
On Dec 2015, I researched on Google ‘What is the best remedy for my Nodular Thyroid? then I found Santé Barley. Then, that was the moment I met my mentor Michael John Licayan thru online.
At first,I don’t have any plans to be involved in Sante Business because I focused on my health to be healed. Days go by, after taking Santé Barley, I was amazed of the result. I felt good, I slept well and imagine my nodule from 42cm ( measured by myself using a tape measure) down to 40cm gradually became smaller. So Dec 30, 2015, I decided to be part of Sante, and in May 2016, I left Thailand and went back home for good here in the Philippines. I became a full-time Sante business owner. Honestly, before I joined in Sante ang dami kong negative thoughts, fears, doubts,etc. But, I prayed to GOD for His Guidance and Provision.
Now, I believe if you pray and work by heart in Santé tuloy tuloy ang buhos ng blessings.
Why I am proud of being in Santé? Santé is an instrument. I am totally healed. No more Nodular Thyroid, Calcified Aorta and Breast Lump and the best extra blessings are coming.
In 6 years of doing Santé Business, naka acquired ako ng unit dito sa Digos City. Dati sa office lang ako natutulog kasi wala pa akong sariling bahay sa Digos. Stranger lang ako dito sa Digos. Pero dahil sa goal ko, nag decide lumaban, take the risk. And now, hindi ako nag sisi. I gain lots of friends, lumaki na network ko, naging Regional Travel just recently Caribbean Asian Cruise and Gadget Qualifier, and naging part din sa Top 10 Branch Operators and Millionaires Achiever. And in 2021, we opened another Santé E-Branch at Kidapawan City.
Kung hindi siguro ako nag decide 6 years ago malamang nag tuturo pa rin ako sa Thailand or naging worst pa ang health ko.

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